what about when bucky joins the avengers and he’s back to his old overprotective boyfriend self and is always keeping an eye out for steve on missions

like he’ll perch up on the tops of buildings with his sharpshooter and gun down every baddy before they get a chance to come within five feet of steve

and steve just yells up to wherever he thinks the rain of bullets is coming from and is like “let me hit SOMEONE bucky!”



Tauriel and I get the Dwarf Camp singing “I See Fire”.

I have heard so many people say this was one of their favourite moments of Hobbitcon, and I must agree with them. I think this video shows the way we all bonded together over the space of a few days, or even already after a few hours as this was filmed on Saturday afternoon.

Yes, I am singing a song of my people with an Elf. There was a peace agreement between all races for the weekend and we all honoured it.  It was a pleasure to sing with this very talented lady.